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Privacy statement and disclaimer


LexWart consulting processes (sensitive) personal data in accordance with the requirements applicable pursuant to and under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This may include special or other personal data, depending on the nature and content of the engagement, for which LexWart consulting has been contracted. It goes without saying that LexWart consulting agrees to the principles of the AVG and complies with it.

In relation to our clients, we process amongst others the relevant identity, trade registry and contact details as well as any information necessary for the performance of the services. Our services are subject to contractual confidentiality undertakings.

On our site, we ask and collect information that enables us to contact you, for example, when you request information from us. This information may include: your name or user name, address, postal code, e-mail address, password, and any other information. Under no circumstances will LexWart consulting use your data without your approval to pass on to third parties for commercial purposes.

LexWart consulting has taken appropriate measures to safeguard the (personal) data which we process or have processed.

Information obtained by us through our site is not provided to third parties, unless this is necessary to comply with a legal obligation, is necessary for the execution of the engament, in order to safeguard a vital interest, or pursuant to your explicit permission.

LexWart consulting applies the statutory retention period of at least 7 years (art. 3:15i BW), which is extended if necessary in connection with the settlement of disputes or potential claims.

You can exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to rvanderwart@wartoga.nl, re: “Exercising rights of privacy”. Within 30 days of receipt, LexWart consulting will provide you with a reply.




Right of Access and transfer of data

You have the right to request from LexWart consulting to learn what data LexWart consulting processes in relation to you and have them transferred in a customary format. You may request a copy of this. LexWart consulting may ask you for a reasonable reimbursement of cost.


Right to supplement, correction, removal, termination and limitation.

You have the Right to supplement, rectify or have the processing of the data terminated or restricted.

This right may be limited by the statutory duty of care or other statutory obligations. In which case, LexWart consulting may propose other possibilities.

Right to withdraw consent

To the extent that the processing is based on your explicit consent, you may revoke this consent at any time.

This right may be limited by statutory duty of care, archival obligations or other legal obligations. In which case, LexWart consulting may propose other possibilities.

Right to complain

You have the right to lodge a complaint with LexWart consulting(rvanderwart@lexwart.nl) or to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens via Https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/nl/zelf-doen/privacyrechten/klacht-over-gebruik-persoonsgegevens.


It is not permitted to copy this website or its components in any way whatsoever without the prior written consent of LexWart consulting. It is also prohibited to use this website in a manner that interferes with other users or affects the functioning of this website.

Even though LexWart consulting has taken due care in building and maintaining this website, all liability for damage caused by incorrect information is waived.